Apps silently blocked in Ask To Connect

Every now and then, an app will suddenly refuse to connect to its online services, with no notification from GlassWire (Ask To Connect). When opening GlassWire, and looking in the firewall section, the app is blocked internet access. I have to manually allow it in the GlassWire interface.
Why doesn’t the Ask To Connect notification always appear ?

It even happens repeatedly for the same apps. I suspect it happens when an app updates to a new version. I’ve seen it happen with for instance Skype and Slack.


This can happen if the app tries to connect on boot up before GlassWire is running. It’s rare but we decided to do this so apps cannot sneak through our “Ask to connect” mode when GlassWire is not running.

Makes sense. However, it is a bit annoying. Even if rare, I have experienced it multiple times. Couldn’t you let it show a notification whenever GlassWire has been started then ? At least then you would not have to open the interface manually to allow it.

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Thanks for your feedback. I’ll discuss with our team and see if it’s technically possible to do something like this in the future.