Are "Glasswire Pro" and "Kaspersky Total Security" compatible?

I’m using Kaspersky Total Security (version (f)) and GlassWire Pro (version 2.3.323). I currently have the GlassWire Pro Firewall turned OFF and all is good, but I would like more control than Kaspersky currently provides. If I turn ON GlassWire Pro Firewall, will it clash with Kaspersky, or can I run both?
Thank you,
Brian “GrayRaceCat”


I have not had anyone mention issues with Kaspersky and GlassWire lately via our helpdesk or forum, but I am not 100% sure and I have not tested the latest versions lately. Please let us know if you run into any issues.

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Hi, GrayRaceCat
If it was me i would disable/turn off Kaspersky Firewall, if that can be done in the settings.
Best to use one Firewall software at a time.
Running two at the same time may cause conflicts.

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Which extra control does Glasswire offer that Kaspersky lacks?
I would just tweak kasperskys default settings a bit and be done.