Are willing to make a deal to (e.g bestbuy) techstores to sell your software?

Hi! are you guys planning to release a usb/cd versions of glasswire to purchase?

I think that’s unlikely. Why would you prefer to buy the software from a store than just download it and buy?

Because I don’t use credit card and I just want to shrink my digital footprint.

To shrink your digital footprint you can purchase on our order page then choose “Check/Money Order” then get a money order at your local gas station or post office and pay that way. The money order is processed by our billing company called Cleverbridge, not us so it may take a few days to get the activation code.

i live in Canada, i dont think if that will work. thank you for replying though. I want to invest to this company and market here in Canada, you guys will be the next billionaires. #siliconvalley