Are you considering adding functionality to ignore specific programs?

I have a fairly busy family of network-active programs on my computer, and when i come back to it, Glasswire tends to tell me about 20-30 apps accessed the network. Many of these i’m perfectly fine with, and some of them i’d like to know if they exhibit unusual amounts of network activity. As such it would be very useful if i could tell Glasswire to never include programs in any reporting whatsoever, optimally with a bandwidth limit above which they get reported. Any chance of that or similar ever coming?

One of our developers noticed that it was difficult to tell what was going on with his graph due to some applications always sending major bandwidth. Yes we plan to figure out a way to do this.


Any update to this functionality?

Yeah, wow. Over a year gone by, i check the latest version and it turns out on a busy machine like mine Glasswire is still entirely useless, since it’s just tons of spams by all my processes that i know are running.

Right now I personally just need it to stop tracking my VPN, because since it is tracking the apps and my VPN, it essentially is doubling what my bandwidth usage looks like I am using.

If you are a paid user go to the Graph tab then choose “Apps” then click the app icon, then click “Hide app” to hide apps you don’t want to see. To unhide the apps go to the top left area of the graph and click the eye icon there.

This functionality was added in early 2015.

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misread question but will ask here as it seems to be broad enough to include the issues I am currently enjoying Puchased GW 3 months ago. Unable to activate at that time. 3 months later it remains consistently inactivated. It also keeps me up to date on the packets/streams that I have blacklisted ie. has done nothing to change. I suspect most of these to be corrupt and allows my PC (s) to continue to operate with hijacked OS/trusted installer.The data streams that are from a PC based in .ru have remained despite efforts to block them.

I still go thru motions of “virus-checking” networks accessing PC that I have indicated should be blocked. When I see these connect undisturbed, When I return to them - often after my DNS hosts have been changed- the virus scan I run invariably is negative.

Based on reports of this program, some people seem to find itt effective, Not my experience thus far. I have not even been able to determine effectiveness w/o having freshly activated program… Sorry aabout degree os smarminess but I keep wondering if I am going to get help, if the 3 moths

Your thread about your problem got attention from Ken_GlassWire on the same day - 15 days ago - and has been waiting for your response since then:

Sorry for the problem. What error do you see when you try to activate?

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