Ask to connect feature

I was a fresh free user of the app,just a couple of hours ago,then i decided to buy it for the “ask to connect” feature,it simply does not work at all !,app just informs me about “first internet activities”…
p.s. my humble suggestion is to give the opportunity to possible new customers by adding “does -ask to connect- work on my machine?” on your free release.I also want to inform you that i’ve already uninstalled the app, deleted the programdata app folder,rebooted,re-installed,rebooted again and nothing again…

Any help is appreciated.I am sure you don’t want new frustrated customers dissapointed from the first minute…
waiting for your reply,thank you for listening.

Thanks for upgrading.

Ask to connect should work on every machine. Please try uninstalling GlassWire, then deleting “GlassWire” in the “ProgramData” folder, then reboot, next please install our latest version. We had a bug in a previous version that caused this problem for some users.

If the problem persists please let me know if you’re using another third party firewall that could be conflicting with GlassWire. Also there is something else can try, but I think reinstalling should fix this immediately.

Thanks for your patience and I apologize for the problem.

my mistake,i didn’t realize there was an “ask to connection” on the firewall tab so i ticked it and from now on it asks me hopefully,thanks for the fast reply and for last i’d like a guide or link or something to get help for the full functionality of this feature,how does it work and what can/can’t do.many thanks in advance :smile:

I don’t recall anyone ever reporting conflicts with Bitdefender Total Security, but I did a Google search and found this thread where a user reports that Bitdefender disables the Windows firewall.

If Bitdefender is disabling the Windows firewall then GlassWire’s firewall features will not function. I recommend trying to disable the Bitdefender firewall and then see if that solves the problem, then you’ll know.

Also we offer a 30 day refund so if you’re unhappy please email our helpdesk and I’ll refund you. Sorry for the problem.

i am very sorry,problem is fixed,i edited my last reply,i hope you reply asap,many thanks again

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Great! Sorry for any confusion.

I have downloaded the paid version and want to set 'ask to connect" tab but does not work I am getting a message “Your windows operating firewall is disabled. Firewall disabled by Norton Internet Security”. Looks like Norton is conflicting with GlassWire. Is there a fix for this, Thank You.