Auto update problem with Windows 11!

Hi All,
A quick note to software developers of G/W.
I have access to 2 PCs. One running windows 10 the other runs windows 11.
When G/W runs the automatic update under windows 10 it works just fine.
Under windows 11 it gets stuck!
After doing the New Update the open installation window does not close
See screenshot attached.
I checked by running the G/W it was updated and working fine.
The close option on the installation window is greyed out so you can’t use that.
Also, randomly G/W offers’ you an update even though it has been updated,
A bit frustrating as you have to click remind me tomorrow.
Thankfully Windows 11 PC is NOT my main works PC.
There is still a lot I don’t like about windows 11.
But that’s not an issue for here!

REF: Windows 21H2(OS Build 22000.376)

Suggest new features and other improvements for GlassWire.

Sorry for the issue. We did test the system in detail with Windows 11 for sure.

We will try to reproduce this. If anyone else has this issue please chime in.

Hi all,
I just wanted to update my post.
I uninstalled G/W and downloaded the
Full installation program and installed it into windows 11
version number is in my first post.
It is working like a dream again.
I hope this helps anyone with similar problems… :slightly_smiling_face:

I too have noticed when updating it stalls to the point I have to kill it via Task Manager and rerun it.

Also, I’ve not been seeing prompts for updates since they were first added. Possibly related?

Thanks for your feedback. I will share this with our team.

@Tarun Maybe Windows Firewall has someone blocked GlassWire itself?

Took a look, nothing Glasswire is being blocked by Windows Defender Firewall.

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