Auto update ..?


When you will have the Glass Wire of the autoupdate system or at least notify you that there is a new version.

It’s a bit annoying to have to check on the Web if there is a new version




We have updates but we have not alerted 1.0 users to upgrade to 2.0 yet.

We hope to add auto-updates in the future.

Thank you, I hope it is soon, because I think a security software to have Automatic Updates is very important.
I take the opportunity to ask, if possible, that in the Firewall, in inactive applications, put a button to clean all, then delete them one by one is cumbersome due to the size of the x for each and its visibility

Thank you



Automatic updates are a bit scary because they can cause security problems themselves, so we want to make sure we implement this carefully and correctly.

What about a notifier for new versions? Can that cause problems too?


No, notifiers are simple. We have always notified our users about new versions.

And as you notify of new versions?

I’ve never received anything about new versions except in the Beta versions:anguished:


Do you make GlassWire block itself with its own Firewall? How long have you used GlassWire, are you a new user?

Excuse me, but I did not understand this last question.

I have not blocked anything from Glass Wire, and I have stadium using months ago as a pro user.

I just ask for his previous response, which never received notifications by any means that there is a new version available, which I check looking at this page every x days


Thank you for buying GlassWire.

We alert users to upgrade when there is a new version. We usually release the update, then wait a few weeks before alerting everyone to upgrade. We do that because we want to be sure everything is going well for all our users before we alert everyone to upgrade.

Today we alerted everyone to upgrade to our newest GlassWire version, but if you were already using our latest software version then you would not see the notification.

So, to answer your question… you do not have to check our download page to see the current version of GlassWire. Eventually at some point GlassWire will always notify you to upgrade.

I apologize for any confusion.

Well, now if I understood… I never saw those notifications, because I look at this page every bit, to see new versions, look at the forum, because I like to stay up to date on these issues, for me personally or to solve questions to users in the forum I’m a member (Warrior…), Forospyware, in which I have recommended many occasions your Firewall.

Greetings and thank you very much:grinning:

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Hi Ken,

The current update notification window is some sort of popup window. This minimized the competitive online game I was playing which is really annoying. Would be nice if it just used the default Glasswire toast notification.

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Yes, sorry. I think we should make this update notification where it does not appear if you’re in “snooze” mode. Or maybe there is some way we can detect gaming activity or movies and not show the notification until later.

Hmm… then that’s probably why I’ve never seen any notification about an update either. I probably always update it before you send the notification.