Automated re-activation of GlassWire

Over the last year or so I’ve seen a lot of users having problems with reactivating GlassWire. So have you considered an automated process for reactivating GlassWire based on the registration email account? This would be instead of having to email the help desk.

I thought that there was a comment about this somewhere but I couldn’t find it.

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We’d prefer to have no activation limits at all. We tried it once on another project and we found thousands of people all using the same activation code simultaneously, within 30 days. :slight_smile:

So far we only get a few emails a week with people who have this problem, so for now it’s not necessary. Also creating some web-based form that hooks into every single user activation code can end up causing security problems down the road unfortunately.

Buying GlassWire allows us to continue work on this project and we appreciate your support!

If anyone has this problem please email us with your order info and code. Thanks!

If you emailed our helpdesk and nobody has helped you within one business day please message me privately and I’ll investigate the status of your request. We work hard to help people with this problem ASAP.

Also, users can release their own activation codes by going to the top left GlassWire menu and choosing “deactivate”.

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its pretty bloody critical if you ask me… without notification, my glasswire kindly deactivated itself & then was in allow all mode for a few days…
if it happens once more ill be requesting a refund, firewall software should NOT do that

Thank you for your feedback and sorry for the problem. We are redesigning how deactivation works in 2.0.

If we didn’t help you solve your deactivation problem please email us the details so we can make suggestions.

Unfortunately some “cleaning” type software will clear out GlassWire’s activation files causing it to deactivate but perhaps this is not the issue in your case.