Avast Antivirus has activated microphone?

GlassWire is saying that Avast Antivirus has activated my microphone. I don’t think that is very likely.

Do you know if Avast checks for microphone/webcam usage as a security feature? Maybe that’s why. Can you confirm what version of Avast you are using along with what OS version you’re using? We’ll test on our end and try to recreate this.

I’m using Avast v11.1.2253 on Windows 10 Pro. I’ve never read anywhere that Avast checks mic/cam as a security feature. It’s always a possibility, but what would it be checking?

Glasswire also just reported that Rainmeter 3.3.0 r2519 64-bit is accessing my HD Pro Webcam C920 & my ASUS Xonar D2X Microphone.

I will ask our team to test with these software versions and see if we can recreate this.

Have you found what is going on?
I just received this same info: “The application has activated the “Realtec High Definition Audio” mic”.

GlassWire Basic: 1.2.74
Avast Internet Security: 12.3.2280 (build 12.3.3154.19).

Perhaps Avast checks the mic for security reasons like we do. I’m not familiar with their software.

OK, THX. I’ll ask them directly. If I get any answer I’ll post it here.

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I searched around with Google and found they did have some type of mic detection at one point, so perhaps that’s what it is. They are a reputable company and I’m sure it’s nothing malicious of course.