Avast Install App Keeps Showing Up After Being Blocked

I tried a few different free AV programs to find one that would play nice with GW.
In the end, I went back to Webroot because most of the other programs would either not allow me to turn off their built-in Firewall (so that I could continue seeing things on GW) or would not play nice with my Malwarebytes Premium which I am determined to keep using.

I uninstalled all of them. Whenr the Avast Installation Apps (TWO of them!) kept showing up as unblocked on the GW Firewall even after Uninstall, I went into Regedit and removed everything that had the name Avast. Still these apps show up as Unblocked in GW every time I restart my computer.
I can’t find them in my Windows 7 Firewall “Allowed” list; either Outbound or Inbound.
So… not sure where they are coming from or how to permanently disable them!


If you mouse over the app names in GlassWire on the firewall tab and click the grey x and remove them, do they come back?

That did it: removing them stopped the “rebirth” into the Unblocked apps list every time.
That’s the first time that I have seen that happen with an app that I have blocked, though.
I guess I will be a bit more vigilant about housekeeping on the Blocked apps. Thanks