Average CPU usage

What’s a average CPU usage? On my Win10 x64 GlassWire use 0,5-2,5% CPU, also when Internet connection is disable. I think it’s a little too much. :wink:

This is down to your CPU in the first case and your system second so you will need to mention it . MY Win 7 Pro x64. uses an old i7-3770K chip O/C and uses 1.9 % of my CPU. The latest info from tech. business is the introduction of 6TH generation CPU chips which are low power ,faster speed (not always the case in the past ) and microisation soon to be issued to industry along with a high grade but low power video card for tablets etc.

Do you mean when GlassWire is closed? For me I see 0% in the task manager when GlassWire is closed, but when opened and in use it does take some CPU to create our graphics to show your network activity.

When GlassWire is open or closed from tray, process “GlassWire Control Service (32 bit)” used CPU about 1-2%.

On my i7 Windows 8.1 PC, I noticed also a CPU usage of 0.6 - 1.5%, when Glasswire is in tray and no traffic.

In my opionion a little bit too much, is there a chance, that in the near future this is optimized?

@Cimba Can you go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “About” and let me know what version you’re using? Also are you using the pay or free version, and what mode is your Firewall in (ask to connect, or another)?

Thanks for your report and feedback.

Thanks for your interest.

I downloaded it fresh from your homepage for upgrading an old GlassWire version, it’ the V 1.2.64 beta und I use the free version and the GlassWire firewall is off, because I use Comodo as firewall.

We plan to release an update in a week or so that will have more resource usage optimizations. I’ll post in the forum when it’s available.

Thanks for your report.

Whats up with this issue? On version 1.271b, the CPU usage is still at 08 - 1.3% without traffic.

@Cimba Are you running Bittorrent? Could you give a list of network related applications or utilities you run with GlassWire (or email us privately if you prefer)? That may help us track this down. Do you use Nahimic software?

Here is my GlassWire right now.

I think, I have found the reason and it’s probably not Glasswire, but the way, Windows calculate the CPU Percent value:

I have as power scheme “balanced” and with that, the CPU speed slows normaly down to 0.8Mhz and than, Glasswire has up to 1.5% CPU.

When I switch to max. power, the CPU speed is at 2.2Mhz and than, Glasswire is between 0% - 0.5%

Thanks for your interest, but I think, the problem is solved.