Back the logs prior to clean wipe of Windows

I plan to wipe my rig and give it a clean install of windows but I would ideally like to keep my glasswire stats.
Can I just copy glasswire.db and restore it after reinstalling windows and glasswire?



The instructions below are for moving GlassWire to another HD, but it’s the same for backing up the database and moving it due to a reinstall of Windows. I hope this helps!

To move your database to another HD please create a “glasswire.conf” file in notepad with these two lines only (the lines in quotes):
"# db_file_path=\glasswire.db

This file should be copied to the c:\programdata\glasswire\service folder
The database path is set to D:\glasswire\ folder in the file sample, but you can change the path to something else.

You should restart the GlassWire service when the file is copied.

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Does that also work for saving the labels assigned to devices in the Network tab? If not, how would one save those labels when reinstalling Windows?



For the default configuration of GlassWire (if you did not move our files around) you need to backup the c:\programdata\GlassWire folder. Then you should restore the folder to the same location, when Windows is reinstalled. And then install GlassWire. If you have a custom configuration (for example, you moved the GlassWire database to another HD), you should also backup the folder with this database.