Basic, Pro, & Elite fail to fulfill the requirements of companies

There are already some topics about the unlucky feature sets of the paid versiones however I still would like to add a few thoughts out of the perspective from someone who is constantly looking for new technologies which could be implemented in small and medium-sized companies.
As your pricing for only private use is also pretty height you may be interested in this.

GlassWire caught my attention because it is the only product I know which allows to break down the traffic to the applications causing it in such great detail, in real-time and with a great GUI. That alone is something a lot of sysadmins in companies I consult would love to have. As those companies normally run Windows workstations an only Windows GUI is no problem. However their web-, mail- and cloud-servers - or at least some of them - where detailed and comfortable traffic monitoring on an application basis (not only IP and port based like their router/firewalls allows it anyways) would be interesting run Linux distributions. I know very few cases with ‘clean’ Windows networks.
So on the one hand a GlassWire Linux agent would be essential. On the other hand in most business use cases there will be absolutely no need for features like “Ask to connect”, “Lock down mode”, “Who’s on your WiFi or Network?” and “Webcam/Mic detection” as there are obviously already installed enterprise grade firewall and router systems (hardware based or virtual) which GlassWire also could not replace at all (so don’t even aim for it) if a new network infrastructure has to be built. And desktop firewall management - if wanted and existent - is done via the active directory. So this GlassWire features I mentioned above would come as great overhead which is not only not needed but even unwanted. So you should allow users to disable those features completely and effectively.

That said I’m still curious where GlassWire is going.
Good luck and best regards!

Thanks. After launching the free version of GlassWire we were surprised to see that so many business users were using our software and that’s why we offer the Elite version. A lot of different companies have been telling us they are using GlassWire to monitor a lot of servers or local desktop computers to see what’s happening. The Elite version allows unlimited monitoring and business users seem to be happy with it so far.

Our plan now is to make GlassWire more resource efficient along with making it more stable.

Thanks for that generic answer also I’m not really sure what I should do with it. It’s not even a little responsive to my post - well at best it answers my headline…