Being able to select between b and B for the traffic metric system

Hello, i think the title is pretty self explanatory, it could be nice to be able to choose to display the metric for the traffic in the app.

I know its not something huge but it still could be nice.

ps: sorry for my english, i’m not a native english speaker

About that, it says Mb/s but shouldn’t it say MB/s ?

Thanks for your feedback Raistlin and chatdoox. Some other people have asked about something similar. I think Mb/s is technically correct but I’ll check again to confirm and change if necessary.

b means bit and B means byte, a byte being 8 bit, and the download speeds on GlassWire are in bytes, not bits (I checked). So I think it should say B/s, but after checking wikipedia, it says that a byte is not always 8 bits, octets are actually 8 bits, and in this case, it should say o/s (which I though was the french way of saying B/s).

But I might be wrong.

Hey, no i think you’re right, i forgot about octets and it should be easier to discern too.