Best way to recover license code

Hey Guys,

I emailed activations a few times now and have no response. (idid get an initial email to check my other email (and was told what email to check ) - but i checked that email and nothign was there (And the email works fine)

so ihave followed up twice now and no response.

as one of the original buyers of the software - would be good if i could be looked after please!




I’m all caught up on tickets involving codes. Please look in your spam/bulk folder. If nothing is there click my name in the forum and private message me your order email/name. Thanks.

I just checked your email as seen in the forum and your code was sent August 27th. I just resent it a second time.

You might have had a response that hasn’t go through to you: your email could work fine and the GlassWire team could have sent and even re-sent the activation email. That you got the first email suggests that the activation email was sent to your other email account.

Where I came from most reports of missing emails are due to filtering by the ISP or email host before the emails hit users’ email accounts. This can arise from an overly strict spam filter or a blocked host IP when some hosted email accounts are spamming or phishing.

So I’d recommend patience and, in the meantime, perhaps you could check your email host’s support forum to see if other users are having a similar issue. If so, then the next step could be to get your email support to see if any emails were blocked or the GlassWire email host IP was blocked on the date you received the email from GlassWire.


Please check your private messages here.

If anyone else has a code problem please email us here:
Then if nobody replies for 3 days please message me privately here, but please don’t message me privately here first because the forum is a very inefficient way for me to help with activation codes due to how it works. Thanks!

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