Beta at a Painful Premium

This is how I feel about the “premium” components:

The features added are great, its exactly what I was looking for, however…

  1. It’s beta, why should we pay to test a product that’s still currently in development and not a stable release?
  2. It’s buggy. Again, its beta and not a “final” polished product - its not worth the full price right now.

I am not discounting that when its polished and debugged entirely that it will surely be worth paying for, but as of its current condition you’re really asking for much. You’re asking your closest supporters who have been here from the start to shell out cash to continue helping you test the product. At least make it an optional donation for the time being while its in beta. I would be more than happy to contribute towards the cause, the end-goal - but the limited feature set and bugginess make it very difficult to justify paying $49 for a basic version.


I agree with some of the items in the original post. I’ve also been using GlassWire for quite a while and contributed to squashing a few bugs early on. I also understood that it would eventually become a paid product after beta. I think GlassWire is doing a good job of developing this product, especially for those who want a simple UI to monitor their network. But, for me, the price of entry is too steep and too limited. I will continue using my other tools to get the job done. Good luck and goodbye GlassWire. It has been fun!


So why is it still beta?

To me,and correct me if I am wrong, many people want many things from it as well as pointing out some problems when using it. IF an app is put out in a "finished state " over time you get people complaining about this or that doesnt work right with some of their apps or system . You only have to look at browsers and search engines as an example they dont suite everybody and eventually need updated . GW is constantly growing ,it is being developed continually using their own and posters ideas isnt that a good thing as it reacts immediately to any criticism ? .That to me, is good service

I’m not sure what you mean by “finished state”. I’m not suggesting that coming out of beta status means no further development.

“Beta” is a well-established term in software development methodology. The way that Glasswire is using it contradicts the normally use of the word. Beta versions are usually “feature complete” for the scope of a version whereas Glasswire is not because more features are being added to the beta version which is then released as the updated beta version.

The use of the word beta implies that there are other more complete states. If there is never (not so far anyway) any other state then why call it a “beta” which only makes sense in the context of other more complete states that it could be compared with: RC, GA, etc.

I know that others developers have taken the same approach but it is an unattractive aspect of what is otherwise desirable software.

GW is under continuous development I think that is great and yes they are not alone there are now many more . I see where you are coming from using established engineering terms but its really semantics in the end . Just look at 4K “smart” TV,s a couple of years or less and the apps are no longer viable and you cant program a TV as you can a computer so its obsolete in a short time 1000,s of complainers. Not so GW continual renewal/updating they are at this minute working on an automatic update maybe that would satisfy you ?

I asked a question of Glasswire: “why is it still beta?” I wasn’t complaining. If you think that I am then that might explain why you’re bringing up other issues like the update process and obsolescence.

If I have any concern, it is that Glasswire loses out because a lot of people won’t pay for “beta” software.

What you want is a "finished product " ,as I posted above , okay you buy it ,then a week later you say -this program has -x-y-z faults and then complain about it. Any product on this earth that is under continuous development is not a finished product . I love innovation ,it means you arent being "cheated " in any way as the manufacturer keeps updating it ,to please you . Beta signifies an "unfinished " (in development ) program, in GW,s case because it is listening intensely to its customers wishes on this website I think that is marvelous as I personally know of many apps where you are told -"suck it up " and webpages are full of customer complaints and look for ways ,technically, to make changes to it. GW is progressive ,innovative, at the sharp end of development I personally am glad of this and dont care what its engineering state is called . What you are buying isnt a "pig in a poke " where you take what you are given and live with it ,you are buying a product that is being continually updated on a fast basis for a set price (depending on your version of it ) , maybe then ,if you are not happy with the wording then GW should advertise it like= A great product brought to you by innovative engineers, never worry again that a product ends up a "lame duck " our product is always "bang up to date " have no worries you dont have to pay more for the latest version (in your price range ) it will always be new, now isnt that great !

“Finished products” is a term used for manufactured goods. It does not apply to the vast majority of software which is almost always modifiable except where it is embedded in “finished products” that are not modifiable or upgradeable like toasters and other appliances.

Beta has a more specific meaning than that otherwise all programs under development would be beta releases. In that case, only programs where development has ceased would not be betas.

OF coarse I know the meaning of "beta " =software that is undergoing testing and has not been officially released - software developers release beta versions in order to garner useful feedback BEFORE releasing the Final version and websites are provided in web forums that allow users to post their feedback . Software is modifiable on a personal basis so in a sense it is not a finished product in a real life sense(in the customers eyes ) if the parameters can have majors mods done to them by the consumers you are then making a "beta " version out of one issued by a company as the "standard version " and many people have done so changing basic programming to suite themselves ,even issuing -"spin -offs " -owner sells software - owner bring out another version calling it a different name and yes I know many personally who have done so. Maybe its time the word beta was re-appraised in the English language.

GlassWire is still in beta because we are unhappy with its current memory usage. We’re rewriting major parts of GlassWire to fix this, then we’ll release a major update. Once that update is stable we plan to come out of beta probably in early 2016.

The upgrade will be free for all paying users. We may decide to raise our prices after we leave beta.


Hope this is acceptable to the majority .

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Thanks for the answer and additional clarification.

nxc, FYI, has GlassWire Pro at a discounted price which makes it very attractive…

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