Bewildered and Confused

Just bought GlassWire and the guide is very good at telling me what it can do but awful at telling me HOW to do something and more importantly WHY. I looked through the topics and most of 'em I didn’t even understand what you are talking about. Do you cater for the non techs, the peasants, the uncool, if not this is just gonna be a whole waste of money. Seriously pixxed off. How do I recognize if something is suspicious, do I go by flags if its from Italy or Ireland, Iran or Iraq? Is there someone there who can speak from a postion of ignorance and newness and explain it to me in a non tech way?


Thanks for your feedback, and sorry for any confusion! Many non-tech people use our software.

I am guessing you already accessed this help area? GlassWire Network Security Monitor & Firewall Help

Please let me know what you’d like to do with GlassWire and I’d be glad to personally help you via the forum.

I tried to reply but got as message saying newcomers cant post links???

I’d like to be able to use, manage, understand and find Glasswire a helpful tool. Simply reading what it does without understanding it is not helpful. What am I looking for, what does my screen tell me, how do I tell whats normal or good to that which is dangerous or unsafe. What needs action and what doesn’t and how do I tell the difference.
The above is a great guide to get started. If it doesn’t help, please let me know what specifically you’re looking to do and I will help you do it step by step here in the forum.

You are also welcome to click on my name here in the forum and I can help you privately with private messages.

Thanks for your feedback on improving our help area.

Hi Ken, for example the quick start says if I dont like alerts then turn 'em off. Isn’t that self defeating to turn off something that may help, but what knowledge is required to KNOW whether to turn them off or not. My beef about software is that we dont all have the knowledge to make informed decisions and the “guides” which accompany software fail to provide that information, In the firewall I have a choice about connecting ask, block etc but what knowledge is there to make such a choice?

Some people don’t like desktop alerts, so you could disable the desktop alerts, but keep the alerts inside GlassWire itself. This behavior wouldn’t be self defeating and it may be useful to those people who don’t like desktop alerts. People sometimes ask us how to disable desktop alerts, so we added this to our “Get Started” guide.

As far as knowledge about allowing or denying things, you could go to our top left menu and choose “settings” then “VirusTotal” and analyze your files with that free tool. It’s free for all our users to analyze files with VirusTotal. You can then make an informed decision on if you should block something or not. I hope this helps!