Bit Defender Compatibility In The Future?


I’ve read through the past posts concerning the compatibility of Bit Defender and various anti-virus with Glasswire. Any possibility of allowing the functionality of “Ask To Connect” while using Bit Defender?

*Update: Sorry didn’t see the recent post concerning this :slight_smile:


It depends on which version of Bitdefender you use. Some have no firewall functionality at all last time I checked.

Bitdefender Free has no firewall.

I just checked and it appears it’s now possible to turn off the Bitdefender firewall.

  1. Open the Bitdefender window.

  2. Click Protection on the left-hand side.

  3. In the Firewall panel, click the switch to turn off Firewall .

Now try rebooting and see if there are any GlassWire issues. Or use another version of Bitdefender like @zzz00m suggests.

Cool, thanks for the responses. I currently use a paid version of Bit Defender, so turning off the firewall isn’t my first course of action. I’ve read the testing reports of Windows Defender and don’t want to rely on it as my primary firewall.

Happy Lunar New Year :slight_smile: :v: