BitDefender says Glasswire is Trojan

Here is a photo for the result I get after scaning the Glasswire folder

Can someone tell my what it is? cuase if this is real Trojan I will delete the program

No, GlassWire is not a trojan. This is what is known as a false positive.

Please open a ticket with that company, and we will do the same. Thank you for reporting this issue.

Here is how to report the false positive if anyone else wants to help get their issue fixed faster.,fails%20to%20detect%20an%20infection.

I don’t have that DLL file in my Glasswire folder.

Cryptsp.dll is usually found in \windows\system32 so I don’t know why it would be in the Glasswire folder.

Thank you all but never mind it I just uninstalled the software

For some reason I did not notice the screenshot previously. Yes, that is not part of GlassWire. Thanks for catching that @REA and @Remah.