Black Friday 2021

Hi! I like Glasswire very much. :ok_hand:
I am curious… any plans for Black Friday 2021 promo? :nerd_face:

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Please message me privately in the forum. Thanks!

Sorry, I can’t send you private message…image

Oops! I sent you a message.

I Can’t send you message too

Hi Ken. Wanted to ask the same thing. Can you please send me a PM as well?

Greetings Ken,

Is it ok to send the message with a discount coupon as well as I am considering going for the pro version?



What do you mean “send the message with the discount coupon?” Do you mean publish it here? I’d prefer you didn’t, but you can send it to a friend or something or use it yourself.

Excuse me @Ken_GlassWire I meant to ask you to send me the coupon for the Black Friday 2021.