Block all EXCEPT <insert software here>

Suggest new features and other improvements for GlassWire.
block by click is nice and ask to connect is intresting but when leaving a while (as told on the buying website) the block all mode is intresting BUT it would be a little but annoying If I cannot do my remote and other stuff I may like to keep running (for example steam for updates and stuff).

also being on that there might be another intresting Idea “block on idle” with a seperate whitelist than for “block all” that would automatically kick in after the user has left the computer for a certain time. instead of a very tight lockdown the auto lock can be set a bit mroe loosely

for example that new software automatically gets refused (with notification when back so the user knew that stuff has been blocked) and out of existing software I could kick certain software that does not need internet when I am not even there (for example I could lock browsers so sites with AJAX cannot sneak weird stuff in etc.while I am away

@my1 Thanks for the feedback and ideas!

We’re actually working on a new feature we call “profiles” that will help with the scenarios you are listing a lot. You’ll be able to save different block lists and move between them easily if you’re a paid user.

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So will you have default profiles or will users have to create profiles from scratch?.

Since all users have different apps you’ll have to make your own profiles, or of course you can never use profiles at all. The feature is optional.

now that gw2 is out, will there be an easy way to do a block all except X? (expecially without millions of popups asking whether I wanna allow Y


Turn on “Block All” mode. Go to the middle “Profiles” menu and make a new profile. Unblock the one app you want, then save the profile.