Block everything except for when VPN is connected?

Hi, and thanx to GlassWire for a great product and to all who bother reading this.

Is it possible, or would it be, to block everything (applications/traffic, e.g. Windows, anti-virus etc.) when a specific client isn’t connected, e.g. before a VPN has established a connection or when it drops, in any of GlassWire’s products?

I realize that the VPN has to be able to connect to the internet in order to establish a VPN-tunnel, and that it would be tedious to try to create a kill switch for every different VPN.

That said, couldn’t the user select an application that has to be connected/behave in some specific way, that GlassWire could detect, in order for “normal” fire wall settings to apply? In other words, fire wall settings would have two layers and the secondary would be applied IF certain conditions would be met? Hence, if/once the VPN is connected, other programs could connect as normally allowed.

I’m sorry if I’m missing something obvious, or being redundant. I’ve seen others wonder about using a fire wall for this elsewhere on the internet, but only a question about a general VPN kill switch on this forum. I’m asking about implementing a condition, that a specifically selected client is detected to be connected, in order for other connections to be allowed.

Thanx for reading.

We are working on adding something called “Profiles” that should do what you need. Thanks for your feedback and support.

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Ok, good to know. Thanx for the reply!

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thanks, it is helpful