Block only selected hosts for an app

@Bobsofa If you look at GlassWire you’ll see Microsoft uses a content delivery network, so blocking wouldn’t help in most cases. One reason we didn’t add host blocking so far is because almost every business uses a CDN for everything so host blocking doesn’t work as well as it seems like it would.

Also if you are looking to block Microsoft Telemetry check out this Blog post

@Servo_GlassWire Thank you very much for the quick and informative reply. Since I didn’t find any of the updates or services installed, which were mentioned in the articles, I’ve blocked http and https access to these sites via my hardware firewall.

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Host blocking is an almost must have addition. Little snitch (OSX does it very cleverly), allowing you to block different domains/subdomains depending of the hosts.

But having this granularity is really necessary for advanced users. It’s true blocking something like CDN is hard, but this is not the best use case protection, but looking at odd hosts here and there from apps could help detect/block malwares.


well I would also like this because Windows Explorer (NOT internet explorer) is accessing some windows addresses which well is certainly something I dont want. but blocking explorer would mean that I wouldnt be able to access my network shares in the LAN so I would prefer a host block with an option “kill internet” so that certain software stays in LAN, where it should be.


Hello Hello,

Just purchased a license from you and looked directly into the forum for how many asked for “per host / per IP / app” blocking. As others before me asked … I don’t want to be rude but I will ask the same feature please. As it was said before, chrome makes numerous connections, not to mention Skype that has under the same process more than 100 different connections.

Apart from that I see the thread is from 2014 … we are in 2016 and feature is not yet present ? …


You’re right that this feature is eagerly awaited by many of us users. It is probably the most requested feature so I’m hoping that GlassWire version 2.0 will have IP blocking.

You’ll see a few references to version 2.0 in the many related topics about IP blocking.

Block by IP, domain or hostname:

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Welcome to the GlassWire Universe!

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Unfortunately the first 2.0 release won’t have this, but 2.0 gives us a foundation to build this in. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience.

Hello Ken,

Please take in account another reason for the blocking granularity per app …
Email clients - connect to email server and receives an HTML email with a nice embedded software downloaded from remote server …

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I’m migrating to Windows 10 from OSX and was looking for an outbound firewall filter which Glasswire seems to fit but it seems to be a all or nothing block. This feature was the deal breaker for me to purchase Glasswire. Let me know when this feature is available and you will have another customer.

Blocking per host, per port, per domain, per IP is very useful in many use cases


any decent email software should block external resources by default. Outlook iirc did it already in 2k3 and Thunderbird does it as well.

When can we expect version 2.0?

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Any updates on this? I recently switched from a Mac to Windows and really really really miss this feature of little snitch :frowning:

These are the missing features I would love. Glad to hear you are working them :slight_smile: hopefully we will see them soon!

Block only selected hosts for an app
Block All by Country
Specific domain/ip blocking

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Wow, this request is 3,5 years old and it seems that feature won’t make it into a release any time soon although it’s one of the most popular request. That’s really sad to read.

Also, the arguments against having that are invalid. You can block cdn’s and you can block update servers or whatever. I am doing this very successfully on a Mac, but I will be switching to Windows in 2 months and without that feature I can’t use Glasswire.

Any feedback on that feature and a rough time schedule would be appreciated.

After just playing around with Glasswire in a virtual machine I found it pretty useless. Especially when you set the Firewall to “Ask” and deny one connection it will just block the whole app. That is pitiful and too high level for a blown up app like Glasswire. You have nice graphs, but unfortunately a lot of useless functionality. I saw some gvt1 dot com traffic popping up directly after installing a virtual machine. A lot of applications had their first connection by then and I was not able to find the domain after that. It’s such a shame nobody cloned Little Snitch for windows. Even without that geographical overview stuff it would be perfect if it just had app/host/ip control, nothing more.

Topic timeline mentions 2019 where it should be 2018.

Can you update your users (I’m paying for the software) about that development long promissed ? (blocking IPs). I more and more realize pieces of software are issuing outbound traffice which seems to be only for statistical purpose for the seller, nothing relevant for me, the user and I must be the one choosing the traffic that I want to allow.

Alternatively can Windows firewall be modified manually when Glasswire is used as its pilot ?

Great app with a beautiful UI, seemed like a great alternative to Little Snitch, but is missing this absolutely essential functionality. I was going to buy it until I realized this was missing.


Es algo que también estaba pensando desde hace varios días xD, veo que a la gente le gusta la idea. así que espero que la implementen.

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Well Geez I literally made an account to suggest this, hope it comes soon! It’ll help deal with things like Telemetry and such.

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Will there be an option to which addresses/ports will be blocked and what is not, for a specific application?