Block only selected hosts for an app

Wow, this request is 3,5 years old and it seems that feature won’t make it into a release any time soon although it’s one of the most popular request. That’s really sad to read.

Also, the arguments against having that are invalid. You can block cdn’s and you can block update servers or whatever. I am doing this very successfully on a Mac, but I will be switching to Windows in 2 months and without that feature I can’t use Glasswire.

Any feedback on that feature and a rough time schedule would be appreciated.

After just playing around with Glasswire in a virtual machine I found it pretty useless. Especially when you set the Firewall to “Ask” and deny one connection it will just block the whole app. That is pitiful and too high level for a blown up app like Glasswire. You have nice graphs, but unfortunately a lot of useless functionality. I saw some gvt1 dot com traffic popping up directly after installing a virtual machine. A lot of applications had their first connection by then and I was not able to find the domain after that. It’s such a shame nobody cloned Little Snitch for windows. Even without that geographical overview stuff it would be perfect if it just had app/host/ip control, nothing more.

Topic timeline mentions 2019 where it should be 2018.

Can you update your users (I’m paying for the software) about that development long promissed ? (blocking IPs). I more and more realize pieces of software are issuing outbound traffice which seems to be only for statistical purpose for the seller, nothing relevant for me, the user and I must be the one choosing the traffic that I want to allow.

Alternatively can Windows firewall be modified manually when Glasswire is used as its pilot ?

Great app with a beautiful UI, seemed like a great alternative to Little Snitch, but is missing this absolutely essential functionality. I was going to buy it until I realized this was missing.


Es algo que también estaba pensando desde hace varios días xD, veo que a la gente le gusta la idea. así que espero que la implementen.

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Well Geez I literally made an account to suggest this, hope it comes soon! It’ll help deal with things like Telemetry and such.

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Will there be an option to which addresses/ports will be blocked and what is not, for a specific application?


4.5 years later and still no port/protocol/subdomain rule support. GlassWire is great but it REALLY needs this feature… I want to allow license checks but block telemetry for various programs and I really don’t think I’m the only one. This doesn’t seem like an edge case, either. Surely the developers of GlassWire would love this feature, so why haven’t they added it?


Coming from macOS X with Little Snitch, we need this feature. If GlassWire doesn’t have it, we’re going to keep looking for a solution that does have it. Absolutely need to be able to block certain IPs, not the entire app. This request is almost 5 years old, the developers said it’s coming, and yet here we are. There has to be another solution.


We are actively working on this. It’s a bit more complicated than Mac due to the tech we use on Windows.

I’m happy to hear you’re actively working on that feature. It’s worth it man. I’d pay big bucks for it. Hope you get there soon


Hi guys! new here, i’m going for a trial, and really thinking about buying glasswire. However, i would like to know if this feature is really being added or not? i also came from littlesnitch on mac, and this is a must, being able to block individual hosts from any app.


It’s on our todo list, but it’s not available now.

We have tested blocking hosts a little bit and we have found it can make Windows unstable, or fail to work at all so we hesitate about adding this to GlassWire. We worry it will just cause our fans to have instability and major issues with their computers.

We’re trying to come up with a way to implement this so GlassWire users will not have stability issues that make their PCs unusable. For example maybe add a “Pro mode” that’s off by default or something like that.

Also it’s kind of scary that you can accidentally block Windows from doing any updates… We don’t recommend that for obvious reasons.

Hey Ken,
thanks for the fast reply! Yeah, ofc some users might break something with such feature, as with any software. But there are valid uses for it. A given app might be trying to connect to its update servers, and its ok, but can also be connecting to some third party servers to leak system information. That’s why i love the approach of being able to block the hosts i don’t particularly trust.
Anyway, i will probably get myself a license, i’m loving the app. Plus, i can always copy the host ip and add it myself to the hosts file.
thanks and have a nice day!

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Thanks for supporting future GlassWire development!

Hello there,
Great to hear this option is still worked on, definitely something missing and much needed :slight_smile:
Like the “Pro mode” idea :slight_smile:
Hope we’ll be able to see this “soon™” :smiley:

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I completely endorsee this request. I’m in need of this now, I thought there will be a way easily into Glasswire, but there is no way. this is an absolute must-have feature for any firewall application. thanks for letting in consideration and adding to the next release.

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The thread was a long read all the way from 2014 till today. I like the ideas and suggestions by the members and understand the reasons you posted in Feb. 2020.

All I have to say, is I am ready and willing to pay for this feature in particular. Even if you ask for $1000/year. I’ll gladly pay. The rationale being certain apps consume high bandwidth in the background and deplete my data plan.

When I check the app, it’s an essential app that I personally use, so blocking it will not do me any good but blocking the host on the other hand could save me few extra bucks annually and besides there’s windows Background Intelligent Transfer service and update orchestrator service.

These and many more have automatic startup types and dependencies that can’t be permanently disabled. Therefore, I request the development team to really consider releasing this feature. Whatever price tag you attach to it, I’ll pay.


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