Blocked strange ips and Glasswire stopped working

Hello i’ve been concerned with some strange Chinese and Polish IPs incoming into my pc. Polish = Chinese

I blocked these IPs in Windows Firewall and now Glasswire has a blank white screen… unusable?

Are these ips linked to Glasswire or are they possibly malware hooked into Glasswire?

I’ve been getting odd issues lately.

Thanks any update would be helpful.


We have no Polish/Chinese IP addresses. GlassWire checks once a day (for malicious host and software updates), but you can make GlassWire block itself if you prefer under its own firewall.

Could you email or post a screenshot here of what is white?

Do you use any PC file cleaning software that could be deleting our files accidentally?

If you reinstall GlassWire with its “clean” install option does it solve it?

Hi after i rebooted my pc Glasswire worked again, the ips are still blocked but GW has been working ever since, it was odd but basically the whole glasswire screen popup was just white nothing there.

I do use Ccleaner but i’ve never had an issue with glasswire and it.

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