Blocking app on one profile automatically allow on another profiles

I have 3 firewall profiles. Default, Updates and VM.

Ask to connect is set on the 3 profiles.

If a ‘new’ application Ask To Connect in my, lets say, Default profile, and I block it, it is automatically allowed to connect on the other 2 profiles.

So if I’m using the ‘Updates’ profile, and a new program called ‘Update App’ pops up and ask to connect, and I decide that this application should not connect to the internet yet, and press DENY, when I change back to ‘Default’ or ‘VM’ it will automatically connect to the internet, unless I search it on the App List on Firewall (it needs to be quick and fast, before the app decides to call home) and block it manually, because it will not Ask to Connect again.

Please let me know if I made myself clear.
I think its a bug, or something? Or maybe the program is created to act this way? If thats the answer, why? There is a way to deny in every profile when I click deny at one profile?



Profiles are made to be completely separate from another with completely separate rules. For example you may want one profile for use on a very limited network, for example Satellite Internet. You can block everything but Outlook and Edge on that network.

Then when you’re back home you can switch to your normal network where everything is allowed and not limited.

If the profiles all had the same rules then how would they still be useful? Or perhaps I am misunderstanding the question?

Hmm, I get your point, but I think you’re misunderstanding a little.
In your terms, your example:

I have 3 profiles. ‘Home’, ‘Public Wi-fi’ and ‘Satellite’.

I’m at home, using my ‘Home’ profile. Then I install a new app which consumes a lot of bandwidth.
But I’m home, so I allow it to connect whenever it wants.
I have a urgent call and have to go to my sailing boat.
There, I open up my laptop and just change to ‘Satellite’ profile. Leave it up and running and one hour late I come to check my mail, and there it is, suddenly all my satellite data is gone, because I forget to BLOCK the new app at my ‘Satellite’ profile.

What I mean is, in every profile that is set as ASK TO CONNECT, an app that never run under this profile should ASK TO CONNECT

English is not my native language, so maybe I’m not expressing myself in the better way, but I’ll try until you understand…


Thanks for your feedback. I will discuss this with our team to make sure I understand and see how we can improve the profiles feature.

What I mean is simple, Ken.
In security is always better to have the doors on auto lock than auto open.
So If an app has had no action of the user in some specific profile, it should be blocked. At least, if it its not going to ‘Ask to Connect’, because already asked in another profile, at least, should be by default blocked, other than allowed.

Thanks for sharing to your team! :slight_smile:

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