Blocking incoming access

The last few times I’ve accessed a paid stock photo source I am a member of, there have been subtle and not-so-subtle experiences that lead me to believe the site is compromised. The most recent experience was after logging into my account and a few minutes later having my computer suddenly grind to a stop. 3 seconds later I turned of my wifi and the computer came back.

Is there a way Glasswire can fire off an alert to let me know if a website connection is making some type of unusual access back to me?

I’m not familiar enough with Glasswire as a tool (still learning) to know if there are rules I can adjust for sensitivity of this nature or a feature I need to turn on, etc., that would help me spot a potential inbound compromise that could be more discreet and subtle than what I experienced in the above example.


You could look on the GlassWire graph during the time period the incident happened, then highlight the activity by clicking and dragging. Next click the apps/hosts that your PC was connecting to during that time period.

I think it’s unlikely though that a website is causing the issue you’re experiencing. To be safe you could install all Windows updates, then do a full scan with Windows Defender.

You could also check your apps with VirusTotal using GlassWire.