Blocking Processes When Minimised


I have noticed that when my Glasswire is minimised to the tray, I don’t get notifications of new network access attempts and Glasswire simply auto-blocks the process without telling me.

This has lead to an entire night of downtime after my colleague changed some things with our AD and Teams, and subsequently we spent hours trying to fix what was in the end just a block on Glasswire that never notified us.

This should really be resolved, it wouldn’t be too hard to force a desktop notification even if the application is in the tray.

Anyone else had this experience?

Sorry for the issue.

GlassWire shouldn’t ever automatically block anything when minimized.

However, if you are in “ask to connect” mode, and if something tries to connect when GlassWire is not running (for example if the connection happens during startup before GlassWire is running) what you describe can happen. It’s a security defense, because if an app could just kill GlassWire’s UI and connect then what good would GlassWire do in that case?

Hey, thanks for your fast responce

I think you missed my point, I am saying that if the application is minimised yet still running, it should give you a desktop notification of “allow” or “block” as Glasswire usually does, when the it is open on the desktop.

I think this is a bug that needs to be addressed, is there any way to pass these comments along to the team responsible?

Thank you


Yes, GlassWire gives a notification of allow or block even if GlassWire is minimized. It looks like this (below) with a separate window that pops up, and if GlassWire is minimized it makes no difference.

I agree it would be very frustrating if our software had to be maximized to show the allow/deny prompts.

Please give details on how we can try to recreate this issue. So far nobody has ever reported this issue in the history of our company, with over 20 million installs so it’s quite strange.

Do you use any third party tools that close/control Windows on your PC?


I am familiar with that First Network Access pop up, however when I have Glasswire only running in the tray it will happily block a new connection without alerting me.

I have to keep Glasswire running in the foreground for this allow/deny pop up to work correctly. Otherwise, it just blocks the attempt and adds the application to the firewall list, forcing me to hunt it down and remove it since there is no “recently blocked” filters on the firewall list, either.

I think that would be a smart addition, and would almost entirely remove the need to figure out why my Glasswire is blocking apps without telling me from the background - as I could simply hit the sort-by-date filter on my Firewall block list and remove any recently added connections.

To answer your question, I don’t use any third party software or tools to manage my Windows shut down/startup. I just have Glasswire and Malwarebytes set to run upon startup, that is all.

We are preparing an update that will be released soon. If you don’t need your history I’d suggest installing that update “clean” and I bet the issue will go away.

Thanks for your feedback on adding a “sort by date” option for blocking.

“I agree it would be very frustrating if our software had to be maximized to show the allow/deny prompts.”

I think you misunderstood what John was saying. He is referring to having the application running as a background task, rather than having the GUI open. He’s not referring to physically minimising/maximising the application.

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I have experienced a similar annoying problem. Apps that I have manually unblocked are being blocked again without being set to do so. I have had this interfere with my MS Office,iTunes and even my wireless mouse. I’ve been running GlassWire for a few years and have never had this problem until recently, about a month ago. Any suggestions?

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Are you using any other firewall software simultaneously with GlassWire?

I feel like asking if you are using another firewall with Glasswire is the same as asking if you’re using a different BMW just to pick the kids up from school. There can’t be any real reason to attempt to run two firewalls concurrently surely.

I run Sophos which has a network traffic inspection element to it.

GlassWire should work great with Sophos.

And it has, for more than 3 years. This is recent - randomly blocking apps like Word from contact Microsoft, causing my wireless mouse to stop functioning and blocking several apps that I didn’t tell it to block. Very annoying, please assist.

Please go to add/remove programs and uninstall GlassWire, then go to the Windows Firewall control panel and choose “restore defaults”.
Reinstall our latest version and choose the “clean install” and “reset firewall” options.

I think it should solve your issue.

Ken, I did what you suggested and it appears to have resolved the problem. Thank you.

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