BSOD glasswire & avast 2015


I have just updated my Avast! Internet Security & firewall software from Avast 2014 to Avast 2015, and as soon as i have installed with glasswire running in background, I do get a BSOD error:

PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA gwdrv.sys error 0x000000050

If i uninstall glasswire, and leave just avast 2015 running. there is no BSOD error, and if I remove/uninstall avast(which leaves my pc as vunberable to viruses), there is no error when glasswire is running with avast 2015 removed from system, if i rollback to latest avast 2014, there is no BSOD error either…so glasswire needs to be fixed, for avast 2015 compatibility…what gives? i keep seing complaints about it, if i typed the error iinto google, but on windows 8.1…I am running on Windows 7 x64.

But the replies, are to email about it, and get test version of glasswire…so…when is the next update for this fix being released…?


I’m sorry this happened to you. We hope to release an update this week or early next week. Thank you for your patience.

well, all I will do is have glasswire uninstalled for a while, until you can give confirmation that it has been fixed for avast 2015 compatibility, in the next version, if you can’t confirm, then I will have to not use this software, or wait a long time, until it comes out of beta…tho it was fun having it running in the backgound…

OH by the way i was using the latest 1.0.28 beta, when this happened, for extra information…

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Unfortunately I was unclear in my last post. I meant to say that we have fixed this problem and the next release will be out very soon. We tested with some other GlassWire/Avast users and confirmed the fix. Please keep a lookout for our Blog and here and I’ll post when the update is out.

just out of curiosity, what was the fix, on glasswires end, or avast’s end, or did it involve a glasswire vulnerability?

Or was it windows causing it?

I think it was a problem caused by us, but I’m not a developer so I can’t say for sure.

ok, will wait for update.

could you please tell me the time of the next glasswire update please. been at least a day since i last replied here. And I still see 1.0.28 beta as the only available download…slow

We are trying to release the update by Friday. Hopefully it will work out and there won’t be a delay.

This problem should be fixed now, please check the latest version 1.0.30:

it seems on main website, you are still downloading 1.0.28 beta, even tho it says 1.0.30 beta…from your download link you do download 1.0.30 beta…as i installed it, i never get the BSOD error now, as in the download on the main website, i do get the BSOD error…

That’s strange. I just double checked both links and they are identical. I then checked the hash for both and they are both showing as 1.0.30 for me. Maybe it’s some delay due to our CDN.

I had exactly the same problem right now after updating Avast to version 10.0.2208 this afternoon.
It wasn’t easy to get my system running again because the BSOD occured immediately after rebooting.
Finally I managed to deinstall GlassWire in time.
I think it had been GlassWire 1.0.25b causing the problems.
Can you confirm that version 1.0.30b won’t show the same behaviour?
I’ll give it a try and proceed with fingers crossed…

1.0.30b solves the problem with Avast. Multiple users have confirmed and I read in the Avast forum they confirmed it also.

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yes, servo is correct GW 1.0.30b does fix the BSOD error, when avast 2015 is installed…i confirm this, as i have not replied with any complaints since LOL…dunno about the next avast (2016?), do they change anything in each new version? some kind signatures or something, to trigger BSOD errors?

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Thanks for posting your query. I’m glad to help you regarding the Blue Screen of Death issue. I’ll appreciate if you could provide me details about your computer specifications- both hardware and software. That will be really helpful.

Check for conflicting device drivers using Device Manager. Use the PCFresher tool to resolve problems with the ActiveX/ DLL file registration. Then follow the other steps discussed:

  1. Press Windows Key + X simultaneously.
  2. Select Device Manager.
  3. Click the View menu, and check-up the sub menu named “Show hidden devices”.
  4. Expand the root level entry, i.e. your computer’s name.
  5. Do you see any hardware devices with a yellow color exclamation mark? These are the malfunctioning devices that have to be either updated to the latest versions or uninstalled, as the case may be.
  6. To update a device driver, right click the device name and select “Update driver software”. To remove a device driver, right click the device name and select “Uninstall” option.
  7. When you’re done, please restart your computer for the changes to take effects.

In regards to your issue, I would like you to clean and reset the Windows Store cache. Corruption of the cache is one of the important causes.

  1. Press Windows Key + X simultaneously.
  2. Select Search option.
  3. Type “WSReset.exe” in the Search Box, click Apps icon.
  4. WSReset.exe will be displayed in the search results. Right click that, and then click the “Run as administrator” icon at the bottom of the Start Screen.

I hope this answer helps.

Thanks & Regards,
Alexander Thomas


I’m using GlassWire 1.1.21b and Avast 2015. Still getting BSOD’s though. This on a Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

Please email our helpdesk so we can investigate and get logs, thanks.