BSOD with PPTP VPN client on Win8.1 Pro x64


Trying to use a PPTP VPN connection to my workplace causes the computer to BSOD with:


‘exiting’ Glasswire from the tray does not help, have to uninstall.
using version 1.0.25b with a standard desktop computer, win 8.1 Pro x64 updated


We will have an update this week that solves this. Thanks for reporting the problem.

I’m also trying to set up a vpn (Private Tunnel) on Windows 7, I get a BSOD that says:


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If you are having a BSOD problem can you please email us with the subject “BSOD” and we’ll send you a new version to test.

This issue is now fixed with 1.0.30. Please download the update here: