BT Kernel & System traffic


I’ve read a users question about BT Kernel & System and blocking it isn’t recommended but I would like to know something else.

I am a stremio user (basically a torrent software with real time video player) and it seems like stremio uses that system app or whatever it is to do its job. Getting an episode of my favorite series for example I see BT Kernel & System spiking.

Is there a way to breakdown and see what sub-software is using the BT Kernel & System?


Are you streaming between local devices on your local network, or is Stremio pulling only from remote servers outside your local network? I’d guess it’s your PC talking to another streaming server on your local network.

Stremio is only getting data from servers (peers) outside my local network.

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@ Billakos8

Check out my screenshots in

I’d be interested in what shows for you under “Traffic Type.” How about a month’s screen shots like I posted on 11/23?


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