[Bug] GlassWire Idle Monitor logs in a wrong place

Not sure if it’s due to me changing paths in .conf to another drive but I have this setting:
LogDirectory = F:\glasswire/service/log

The “GlassWire Control Service” logs correctly in that folder
But “GlassWire Idle Monitor” logs into F:\20200528.log - it seems that process logs into root ignoring the rest of the path.

Version 2.2.201


Did you use our beta previously as part of our testing group, or did our team send a beta for you to try and use at any point?

no, I don’t think I did.

I had an issue with upgrade to 2.2.201 and it couldn’t start the service
therefore I ended up uninstalling 2.2.201 and reinstalling it again
The uninstallation process removed all the files and I just edited the new .conf file with the paths.
Just noticed today the file F:\20200528.log

When trying to delete either of those 2 files, Windows reports which process has it open.
The F:\20200528.log is opened by “GlassWire Computer Idle Monitor” (GWIdlMon.exe)
That one only uses drive letter but not the rest of the specified path

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I notice that the path you are using for the LogDirectory contains both front slash characters and backslash characters intermingled (i.e., “LogDirectory = F:\glasswire/service/log” ) Maybe your machine allows their interchangeability, but to my way of thinking, all slashes in Windows paths should be backslashes.


That is a good diagnosis. It explains the problem and it made me laugh that I missed something so basic. :smile:

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this is how GlassWire set it up (I just changed drive letter and some folders but both slashes were there set by GW installation)