[bug] Major glasswire possibly failing to start correctly

So i installed the latest software recently .64b

all as been well

2 days later

  1. on bootup Glassware tray icon is no where to be found
  2. start up items list glasswire as enabled
  3. glasswire is running + computer idle components
  4. No tray icon is visible
  5. using the gl;asswire shortcut just launches another glassire instance but no UI

im going to try a reinstall later but, thought this should be documented\

Reinstall worked…

Sorry for the problem. Are you using any other security software that could be blocking GlassWire from starting?

No I use bit defender av only

It’s been flawless for months . like I say it was only the ui that was not loading + tray icon the service was running

Please email our helpdesk https://www.glasswire.com/contact/ if you’d consider sending some logs that we give you instructions on how to generate.

will do where are logs stored by default?

We’d send you a custom version to test with instructions on how to make logs. GlassWire’s public version doesn’t make logs.