[Bug] NAS seen as external Data

Pretty sure you aware of this but wanted it documented

Bug: All data transfers to my NAS are seen as External data, NAS is not seen on ANY local only filters

This could also affect Traffic Limits, if not fixed.

A workaround is to set a ip range to be known as local only.

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Reported to the team, thank you. May I ask what GlassWire version you are using? Go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “About”.

1.2.54b this was also seen on 1.41b

You fixed my previou bug with ask to connect to the NAS.

my NAS is using The Service is MS-DS Active Directory, Windows Shares if that helps.

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I too have this issue.

Isn’t there some way I can right click on the Usage\Hosts\host-of-interest and map it to LOCAL data summary?
That would solve a lot folks problems I read about on the forum.
Using 1.2.73
As a I-want…option to map to LOCAL and to Block this IP (proly paid version … but that’s OK)

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Please try out 1.2.74 and see if you still notice this issue.

Do I need to do something or set something.

It didn’t detect it automatically.
I didn’t find anything by poking around.
My previous settings and usage all stayed around after a uninstall reinstall.
NAS is at on my internal net (different network than the internet connection via usb).

The issue happens because of the IP address of the NAS. We detect that the address is local by checking the IP address class type.

In other words some of the IP addresses are usually used for local networks and the others for public networks. So if the address is 10.x.x.x - it’s counted as local. If the address is in the range of - it’s also local. If the address is 192.168.x.x it’s also local.

You reported the IP address of the NAS as 169.254.36.XX and that’s why it’s counted as external.

The method that we use is not 100% reliable but it works in most cases. We will see if it’s possible to improve this in the future.

@Ken_GlassWire, 169.254.#.# is an address range reserved for local devices so this would be a GlassWire bug. Plus it looks like it is being used for the correct purpose on a single link. But even if it wasn’t being used correctly it would still be a local device.

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Thanks, I’ll discuss with the dev team and see what’s up.