[Bug/Quality of Life] Glasswire.exe CPU usage increases as the log file size increases

Confirmed to exist in the PC version of glasswire, probably exists in the Android version aswell if it takes logs.

The increase in CPU useage for GlassWire.exe is significant, going from 0.3% idle to 5% when idle on my home computer after extended (days/weeks/months) running without clearing the logs.

This problem honestly could be mitigated/fixed just by using split log files for each day and a compiled “monthly report” on user demand or possibly a better read-write/append process for logging.

Alternatively the addition of an “automatically clear logs after X days” would resolve the problem, but without a timestamp system/seperate log file system that means yesterdays data is lost as soon as the “month” rolls around.

Alternatively, alternatively, a maximum filesize on the logfile would also mitigate the issue but would honestly require more effort cleaning it up than its worth.

Regardless of how its solved the problem is 100% related to a large log file as clearing the log resolves the issue at the cost of lost information.

Also a “Save Log to Archive Folder and Clear Every X Days” feature would absolutely be 10/10 and would allow me to justify installing this on some work machines :stuck_out_tongue:

Please Fix D:


Thank you for your report. I’m unable to recreate this on my PC or our test PCs but I will keep trying.

We are changing how GlassWire works completely with GlassWire 2.0 and I hope that will solve the problem for you, meanwhile you could try doing a clean install of GlassWire and see if that helps.