Bug Report - Different information

Using remote server and client over internet inside vpn, i’ve different information. I couldnt upload the picture =… roundtrip is 150ms (75ms ping)

How do you mean different information?

Graph > Traffic… host and server displays different information.

Is it under the “usage” tab or on the graph only? GlassWire tracks local and external traffic together on the main graph. Maybe your server is detecting only external traffic.

On usage tab > All | Apps | Traffic, show me little different values. Both configured for using External and Local and Incoming and Outgoing. I Was digging and found different values on GlassWire Control Service information and Netbios Name Service, could i send a screenshot?

After installing GlassWire did you reboot? If GlassWire isn’t rebooted it doesn’t always pick up all current connections that are sending/receiving bandwidth until a reboot occurs. Therefore the information may be slightly off.

We don’t like to force users to reboot so we recommend it in the installation message at the end of the install instead of forcing it.

No i didn’t but i’ll reboot.

It works!!! =D thank u! Next Week, I’ll test it on MS Terminal Service Environment :wink: