Bug Report - Glasswire service ends when application ran from network share

Hi, just found when launching an application/exe that needs internet access from my NAS (unc path) that glasswire pops up briefly to ask for an option then the glasswire icon greys out…
Looking in services.msc the glasswire service has stopped… starting it up and all good…

(i dont normally run applications from my nas, it was an installer that requested internet access)
But have confirmed same behaviour with other portable applications

running the current version (lite) in ask to connect mode on windows 10 20H2


Do you see a .dmp file on the desktop? If so could you email it to us with a description of what happened?

Hi no there is no .dmp file

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We will try to recreate this. Are you in “ask to connect” mode when this happens?

Hi yes, its 2.2.260 lite in “ask to connect” mode… Windows 10 20H2…

Bug remains in latest version upgraded today 2.2.268

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Hello @krevvy this version was already finished and undergoing QA testing when you submitted this bug.


The reason for the issue is that the service can’t authorize on a remote machine that owns the shared folder.

The solution is the following:

  • Add a new user to a local PC and the same user with the same password to a remote machine.
  • Specify the newly added user account on the “Log On” tab of GlassWire’s service settings:
  • Restart the GlassWire service.
  • Now the service will be able to authorize and get the details of the app that is running on a remote PC.

Another option is adding the new user to a domain (if it’s configured) on the step 1.

Please give these options and try and let us know your results.

Hi Thanks, I dont actually need the feature/function… it was an installer that required internet access, simply copied to the computer and ran from there.

I do believe though that your service shouldn’t just kill itself and stop?

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I just asked and they said the service crash is fixed and the fix will appear in our next public release that is currently undergoing QA testing.

We also plan to add this “network share” issue to our FAQ page.

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