Bug Report: High DPI problems

I hope you get your fix done soon. Glasswire is completely unusable on a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro laptop. it’s got a 3200x1800 13" screen… which makes everything so small, it’s unreadable!

We’re working on a fix, unfortunately it’s more difficult than we anticipated but we’ll get it done. Sorry for the delay!

Just looking for a way to upvote this post. I’m having the same/similar problems with my Dell XPS 15 (3200x1800, 15.6" screen) - Any updates here? I am definitely excited for this update!

The fix probably won’t be in the next release but we’ll continue working on it. The fix is complicated.

I only understand HiDPI scaling superficially, but I know that apps notify the operating system that they are scalable, at which point Windows will not do DPI scaling for the app, as it does with other legacy apps. Can Glasswire not just report to Windows that it’s non-scaling so that Windows (8 and 8.1 at least) will do the scaling automatically? That works for other apps.

Thanks for giving this your attention. I too am using the Yoga 2 Pro and I would like to be able to Glasswire but my eyes aren’t that good. :smile:


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I don’t know the answer but I’ll try to find out.

Here is the answer.


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Has there been any progress on this? I uninstalled GlassWire because I couldn’t see the dialog boxes but would love to put it back on. Thanks!


We are making progress on solving this. Sorry for the delay!


I recently installed Glasswire on my re-imaged Dell XPS (high DPI machine) and my latest experience has been that the pop-ups are legible and the UI looks like it is using pixel doubling so things look like they are actually working. Your mileage may vary but this is my current experience with Glasswire


Maxpower720, you are absolutely correct! I just tried the 1.0.30 beta and pixel doubling is working! Native HiDPI support would be even better, considering how beautiful GlassWire is, but scaling is fine and lets me read the dialogs finally.

Thanks guys!

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The program is very good. Knowledge is the best in its class.

However, the letters can not be read because They are very, very small. Please increase this significantly. I have got Windows 7 64-bit operating system I use 150% with DPI and Dell 2408WFP Monitor 1920x1200 resolution, but it does not change anything. Micrometers all of the letters, which is very small, unreadable.

Is there hope the repair in the future?

We are working on improving the scaling. Sorry for the inconvenience. The fix is kind of complicated and may take awhile.

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@Servo_GlassWire @Ken_GlassWire 2 years later and still no 4K support.

Don’t be alarmed if you see a negative review on Steam.


Our 2.0 software will offer high DPI support, but it’s not some super easy thing unfortunately. We have to recreate all these UI parts in all different sizes and it’s very difficult. The update should be out before the year is out and I apologize for the delay.

There are some other threads about font sizes here where we have posted the status recently.

Sad news :disappointed: Version 2.0 was coming in the northern hemisphere Summer, then October and now “should be out before the year is out”.


Any news on the High DPI support?


Working on it. That’s what is taking so long on our major update because we have to create all these UI parts in so many different high resolutions.

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Just found the software, if I buy the basic version now, am I eligible for an upgrade to version 2?


Yes, you are eligible. Thanks for the support!