Camera/Mic Detection not Working: 2015 mbpR/Win10

Camera/Mic detection is no longer working per

Same site is alarming on a 2012 mbpR on Win8.1.

Using most recent version. Please advise.

On the one that isn’t working, are you sure the feature is switched on in your settings? Sorry for the problem.

Most certainly is but in troubleshooting this, I upgraded to .88 from I believe .79 (where it was definitely enabled and not working) and the install wiped my license. I shot you guys an email to get it back because I lost the email with the activation code.



I see your email, but our licensing server is currently unavailable. I’ll just send you a different new license instead in a couple minutes. Sorry for the delay.

I just messaged you privately through the forum.

Got my license–thanks. Still not working.


Do you mean the webcam/mic detection is not working, or the license?

If it’s the license email us again and I’ll fix it, sorry.

If it’s the webcam/mic detection can you update Windows 10 to the latest version with Windows update, then reboot and try again? There was an OS update that broke a lot of webcam software functionality, but then Microsoft brought it back again. Perhaps you’re between updates?

Sorry for not being specific. Mic/Can detection does not work.

I’m having issues applying some of the latest updates. Let me get past that and will get back to you.

I’m updated with an exception of two roll-ups from June 2015 which will not install. Is there anything else you can do for this?