Can anyone identify this host?

Hi all, I am unfortunately on a 40Gb data limit that my ISP are having great difficulty upgrading to Unlimited, as a result I have to keep an eye on my data usage.

This morning the following host has used 902.4Mb within a short space of time.

Can anyone identify it?

Thanks in advance!


EDIT : Actually, make that 1.3Gb, Glasswire shows two instances of that host.

I looked up the IP and it seems to go to an organisation called Limelight Networks in Washington Arizona.

Never heard of them…

Limelight is a CDN (content delivery network) so it’s difficult to say what it’s related to. Does it show what app is involved?

Found this thread that says it’s Windows Update

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I highly suspect it is a Windows Update - recently they have been pretty underhanded when it comes to Windows 10.

‘Software update upgraded to ‘recommended’ status, meaning those with
automatic updates set will see it downloaded in the background and a
request to install Windows 10 over Windows 7 and 8.’

Source: The Guardian

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Your intuition is right I have found a website that verify,s that although MS are expanding their in house download activities because of their system expansion they are making more us of LImelight and others to download data ,Limelight calling themselves a-Major player " in this field (in their own blog ) . Beware ! you do realise that windows 10 can self-install on your win7/8.1 system and you have a set time to remove it (if you dont like it ) after installation.

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Nice sleuthing, cheers duncan.

I plan to switch my current laptop with a newer model and expect I’ll have no choice in upgrading to Windows 10 (I’m sure there are ways around it but, so long as I bypass Windows 8 it’s not so bad).

I’ve heard it’s an all-round worthwhile upgrade, but Microsoft’s methods leave a sour taste.

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There is an excellent way to protect your system from Microsoft’s Unrelenting Systematic Windows 10 Rape Campaign.

Steve Gibson of Spinrite fame has written a great little free utility called “Never10”, Just be sure you get it from Steve’s site, as some of the sleazier download sites have been taking advantage of Never10’s popularity (over a million users as I write this) and are wrapping it with a payload of crapware.

Old timer’s are familiar with Steve, but some of the younger crowd may not know who he is. He has contributed a great deal to the field over the years. He is also the “star” of the Security Now podcast.

Steve’s site is (Gibson Research Corp.) and Never10 is located at" www grc com / never10 htm " (sorry, I am a new user and had to break up the URL to post it. Hopefully this will be okay since I am trying to be a good guy, not a spammer. If not, my apologies.


Thanks Steve, Never10 seems the way to go.

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