Can Glasswire block windows spying features?

we all know that Microsoft doesn’t respect their customer privacy anymore
so can glassware stop windows spying features?


Windows has some settings built in so you can block telemetry, depending on what version of Windows you are using.

The latest details are here

To be honest i find that if your careful with what you do on the internet and keep your virtual self and IRL self separate, like me, you should not have a single problem with Microsoft ‘spying’ on you. me as myself, i don’t trust Facebook for reasons that do not need to be explained.


We made a GlassWire Instagram (by Facebook) account that had a few screenshots and videos of our Android app. The account was deleted soon after.

We never followed anyone besides those that followed us, and we hardly used the account. Very weird!

i had an issue with facebook, they deleted my account because i wasn’t using it for 2 weeks, from there they gave me sh*t all at getting it back.

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People who don’t understand how telemetry works and what it is.

Microsoft collects anonymous telemetry, as they have done for many years, on many different versions of Windows.

Microsoft is against spying, and has stated this to a Trump advisor when questioned about why they will not.

If you need to be paranoid about anything spying on you, it’s Facebook (use Firefox with Facebook Container if you must use Facebook) and Google. Google after all has health data on millions of Americans without permission and is under fire for it.


Agreed, facebook has made big mistakes over the years, including hiring an android (AKA, Mark Zuckerberg) to do the hard processing that the (for lack of a better word) small minded at facebook can’t. just use Discord, it’s way easier to use, has simple settings and Won’t Steal Your Data. i think