Can I Clear History Automatically On A Specific Day/Time Of The Month?


My internet service supplier provides a fixed quota of x GB/mnth resetting at midnight on day y of each month. In order to keep track of the running total I can clear history in GlassWire settings and reset the running totals for the usage tab manually at this time each month.

Is there a way to perform this reset automatically ?

A second helpful feature would be to have selectable pre-set configurations for the usage/graph time ranges accessed by user labelled buttons.

Thus by selecting, e.g., button “Quota Cycle” the usage/graph data would go to a monthly display format with leftmost time slider set to quota start date/time y and rightmost timeslider set to now.

A second button, e.g., “Current” would select the day display format and configure the time sliders as desired.

These could be above or replace the basic week/day etc. options near the top righthand side. The main addition is the ability to set the first/leftside timeslider to the desired day/minute, relative to now or absolute, when selecting the time range, with a single click.

Thank you.


Unfortunately we don’t have a way to manually update 30 day periods, but we will try to add this feature in the future. Thanks for the feedback and ideas.

Thank you for the reply.

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