Can someone explain me why in alerts

i get random network activities and i am not sure why do i get different countries for example: i just got first network activity microsoft edge and above microsoft edge i see some words and numbers and a different country flag so can someone explain this to me i just downloaded the app


Thanks for trying GlassWire. We show the flag of the country the host is from. You can mouse over the host and a (…) three dot menu will appear, and you can click “search” for even more details.

So, while I may do not know in-depth about network stuff, I am certain that this problem of mine was certainly a concern. So, I’ll take my time to talk about mine.

I am connected to a Wifi channel through a router using a portable USB wifi. The router then gets connected through some kind of wire which directs the internet connection through a local ‘server’ (they seem to be using one ISP and then distribute the internet connection through cables, hence the term). Just like anyone else, I got a lot of alerts coming through from GlassWire. I was a user of one-two free VPNs in the past and then switched to browsers’ default setup (once I knew of their existence) that’s faster, easier, and more trustworthy; only when I later knowledgable on the privacy stuff.

But the thing is, that I got some network activities announcements that are strangely enough coming from some ‘local network’ that seems to be having an access/analyzing/whatever things that are on some of my rather private apps/.exe. As far as I know, none of these private apps of mine should have contact with these local networks, because the developer or the server should not redirect to these anonymous local networks unless otherwise, it is secretive. I was honestly scared, annoyed, and angered by some anonymous jerks that are spying on me and stealing my personal info without my consent whatsoever, and it is just cowardice, cursed, and unsightly action that I wanted to beat their senses to whoever is this supposed to be, if there are any.

I’ve gone through the help section of the GlassWire’s guide and I knew what are some of these green and orange icons mean. It’s more so frightening if the person in question (me) wanted to start an online career, as it is crucial to get a safe place before you start as you should know it already. Really, knowledge could save and kill you, as they say {‘u’} -_-

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