Can use glass wire on e-reader tablets Like windows and android device?

This app is very useful, It’s good software with a very pleasing user interface. I love it. Unfortunately, you have to pay for full access. But still worth downloading for the free version.
It’s good for monitoring and preventing unwanted internet connection to start like background downloads etc. And very useful for those who have a limited data plan.
Personally, it helped me which programs that I didn’t know initiated an internet connection, even though they shouldn’t.
I Use it for Windows 10 But I don’t know that this app will be work on e-readers like Kindle or not? because I have Fidibook (an e-reader like Kindle in Iran for reading Fidibo ebooks) and I want to know can I use this app on e-readers like Android device or not? Thank you for helping me

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Thanks for using GlassWire and I’m glad our app was able to help you.

Unfortunately we only have software for Android or Windows. The e-reader device would have to allow Android apps from Google Play for you to run GlassWire there.