Can we use Glasswire to detect Mitm attacks?

I am working on a fun project with some friends and wanted to know if we could use Glasswire to detect Mtim attacks and once detected how would we stop it?


These days you don’t really need GlassWire to detect that type of attack. I think most web browsers will show https errors if there is a MITM, for example Chrome has done this since 2017 Google Chrome Will Soon Warn You of Software That Performs MitM Attacks.

We can detect Evil Twin attacks. Just go to our top left menu and choose “settings” then “security”. You can also use GlassWire to detect when a new unknown device joins your network with our “Things” feature.

Another thing we can detect is ARP Spoofing. It’s also under settings/security.

Good luck with your project!

Hey Ken,
Thanks for getting back so quickly, I am aware that chrome detects Mitm attacks but we want to use a firewall/network packet capture to detect the attack. As we are students I don’t think we will be able to purchase the full version which allows us to detect ARP spoofing. Is there anything else you could recommend we do?

Please email our helpdesk from a University email address. Thanks.

Is there a way to look for ARP requests using Glasswire? We didn’t want to use Wireshark for this since it is too main stream and we wanted to try something different.

What is the help desk email?