Cannot change theme in GW Pro

Whenever I try to change the theme it restarts and reverts to the old theme.

Let’s say I select “Themesw / Night neon”
a modal dialog shows “Restart GlassWire to apply changes” [Ok] [Cancel]
Glasswire closes. The dialog shows once more
When I click [Ok] again the old theme is selected.

If I select another theme and then do not do the automatic restart but exit manually and start again: the old theme is back.

Hi RealRaven,

Thank you for the post, as it will be beneficial to all.

This looks like a corrupt behavior, as there is no such issue reported by other users, we recommend a simple re-install to the latest version available here: Download Firewall Software by GlassWire

Please feel free to drop an email at if additional assistance is necessary.

Thank you once again,

Best regards!