Cannot purchase, cleverbridge rejected payment


I recently attempted to purchase Glasswire product but it was rejected. It seems Glasswire is using cleverbridge as its payment processor.

This is not the first time I have issue with cleverbridge, I have previously tried to purchase products online from other companies which use cleverbridge as payment processor (with both CC and paypal) but cleverbridge always rejected my transaction/purchase with unclear reason and ultimately I have to use other methods (which didn’t involve cleverbridge) to succeed.

Can Glasswire add other method of payment which does not include cleverbridge? It’s a shame really because Glasswire look like a decent product but I may not be able to buy it, let alone recommend it to others due to this problem.


I’m sorry for the problem. Can you email our helpdesk? Please let us know what error you received at the helpdesk along with what email you used and I can ask Cleverbridge to investigate, plus maybe we can recommend another way to pay.

Thanks for looking into this. I’ve sent email to Glasswire help with details.