Can't cancel my subscription

Hi, I have a one day left for my PRO version. Currently I don’t need subscription for next year.

My question is: where I can cancel my current subscription? On “About” window I have information like this: “you have a 1 day left of your PRO version” - check screenshot below:


Unfortunately on my account screen I get info like this:

My question is - do I have a subscription or not?

And most importantly, will my credit card be automatically charged for the next year’s subscription to the PRO version?

Thanks for your support!

Hi @par,
with Glasswire 3.0 we have added the possibility of purchasing new subscriptions directly from our management console. This has a lot of benefits, including the ability to easily stop autorenewal and the possibility of moving a subscription from a computer to another. Previously, licenses could only be purchased in the form of license key, from a third party vendor classed Cleverbridge, and associated to a specific pc. From you inquiry I see that you have not purchased yet any plan, but you may still have old-style license keys purchased from cleverbridge. Please if check with to check by providing your details. They should be able to help either with the new plans and with removing any autorenewal you may have set with Cleverbridge. Thank you