Can't deactivate for a new license, and can't cancel membership

About a year ago I bought Glasswire and am loving the app.

However somehow I cannot find the email I used to buy my subscription with. I ended up buying a few more licenses for my other computers. However I now see that my licenses will auto-renew and am unsure how to cancel my original order from renewing so I’m not double paying. Plus when I deactivate the program on my computer it auto uses my original activation license rather than letting me input a new one.

Sorry for the issue.

Our helpdesk is available to help Contact GlassWire.

For subscriptions, to cancel you don’t even need to contact us. Just click “cancel” in your order email with your activation code as mentioned here Get help with GlassWire subscriptions.

However in your case if I understand correctly, you deleted your email with your activation code so that’s why you need to contact us.