Can't reactivate

I just reimaged my Windows 10 machine. When I attempted to re-activate GlassWire it said “This key has already been used multiple times. Please contact us so we can help”. So i sent an email to 2 days ago but haven’t heard back. I’m not sure what the SLA is on helpdesk support, but now i’ve been running for two days without an activated firewall which isn’t good. From a security company i need a faster response, or phone support which doesn’t appear to be available.

How can this get resolved quickly?

Sorry you will have to wait till they contact you, as it’s the weekend I’m sure they will get back to you by tomorrow.




I responded to all helpdesk requests tonight. If we missed you somehow please let me know. Sorry for the problem.


Jason has a valid point. Whether you are in beta or not, paying customers deserve 24x7 coverage for this type of issue. It’s not terribly difficult to provide and any non-urgent requests can simply be acknowledged pending full technical coverage. Perhaps an announcement that you will start this effective 1/1/2016. :wink:

When switching codes between PCs go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “Deactivate” to avoid this problem. Unfortunately this weekend our helpdesk system was not accessible due to an upgrade so it caused a delay for some users.